APP: Drive launched to convince donors to write-off Pakistan’s debts

“President [sic] Future Leaders of Pakistan Usama Khilji said he would vigorously take part in this campaign and is optimistic for the results.

He said foreign debts of Haiti had been waived-off in the wake of earthquake in that country. Pakistan’s disaster is much bigger than Haiti’s disaster so its foreign debts should also be written-off.
“We might succeed in our goal if we continue our coordinated efforts to motivate the international community for the purpose,” he added.”

The nation: Students hold demo against Zardari’s visit 

“Usama Khilji, another protestor, said, “We are here to show that we care about our country. A government that claims to be democratic should fulfil its responsibility towards its people. We have been collecting donations and distributing them. We would shower the President with the flowers if he does the same.””

The nation: Role of youth in drug abuse prevention urged

“A presentation titled ‘The Role of Peer Groups in Drug Abuse Prevention’ was made by the Communications Associate UMTCI Usama Khilji. He said that UMTCI is a new consultancy with a young and vibrant team that believes in delivering excellence, and takes social responsibility very seriously. The presentation highlighted the role that peer groups can play in contributing to society in terms of preventing drug abuse apart from giving statistics relating to drug abuse in the country.”

newsline magazine: Technology to the Rescue

““We value the trust of our donors,” says Usama Khilji, membership and mentoring leader of FLP. “Facebook allows us to interact with a larger audience. We publish live updates from our relief efforts and connect with potential volunteers. Many volunteers and donors have contacted us through our Facebook page. We believe in connecting our donors to the families and people they have helped, which is why reports from our efforts highlight the number of families we have helped rather than the amount of funds we have raised. For us, reaching out and helping the flood survivors is most important and for that, people need to be able to relate to these efforts and help us reach out to even more families.””

The news: Seminar on entrepreneurship

“ecommendations Summary was presented by young observers (Usama Khilji, YES Alumni and Samir Butt, NESA Fellow) while remarks were given by alumni guest of honour Waqas bin Najeeb, country representative, South Pole Carbon Ltd. Islamabad. Closing remarks and vote of thanks by Brent Beemer, Cultural Affairs Attache, US Embassy, Islamabad. The seminar was followed by a question and answer session. Later certificates were distributed among the participants by Sameena Imtiaz and Brent Beemer.”

Legislative journal of the Senate of Pennsylvania – 189th session

The PRESIDENT. The Chair recognizes the gentleman from
Cambria, Senator Wozniak.
Senator WOZNIAK. Madam President, it is my pleasure today to introduce to the Senate and people of Pennsylvania a
young gentleman from Pakistan, Usama Khilji. That is not exactly how it is pronounced, but he told me even in his home
country it is difficult to pronounce his name. He is a 16-year-old
exchange student at West Branch Area High School, and he resides with his host family in Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania. He is
very proud of his country, Pakistan. It is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. He came to the United States because he wanted to have the opportunity to come to a nation that
he admires, and he wants to understand our democracy and our
economics. He wants to become a politician, and he wants to be
an economist to help turn his country's economy around. It is
interesting to note, folks, that here in the cynical United States,
where we see the negatives of our own country so often, it takes
the eyes of a young man from a foreign country, a nation that is
our ally, a nation that is helping fight terrorism, to see democracy
and all the good things that are in this country.
It is my pleasure to have this young student come to Pennsylvania to study. I hope he can leam a lot to take back to his home
country, and I hope he becomes that statewide politician he
wishes to be and the economist that helps turn his country
around. I have one interesting note in a conversation I had with
this young gentleman, that unlike Pennsylvania and the United
States, there is an official language in Pakistan, and guess what
it is? It is English.
Ladies and gentlemen, a fine young man, a friend of the
United States, a future leader of Pakistan, may I introduce to you
Usama Khilji.
The PRESIDENT. Will Usama Khilji please rise so we can
give you a nice welcome.
(Applause.) "

Samir Anwar ButtPakistan-US Alumni Speech Competition 2011

“The event was organized by fellow alumni, Mirza Haider and Usama Khilji.

The topics under discussion were:

1) Has feminism weakened the family?
2) Should Pakistan encourage inter-provincial marriages?
3) Should the defense budget take precedence over the education budget?
4) Can sports make Pakistan a healthier society?

Such activities are the need of the hour. The recent wave of intolerance is increasingly affecting the youth of Pakistan. All important issues facing the country are labeled as sensitive and taboos, leaving no space for intellectual activities like debating them. I commend the US embassy for supporting such an initiative and hope they will continue to promote these activities.”

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