The future is Dhaani

[Originally published in The nation City page]

ISLAMABAD – Members of Future Leaders of Pakistan (FLP) clad in green got together at Gelato Affair on Monday as part of the worldwide event called ‘Hum sab hain Dhaani – we are all Pakistani.’ The event organized by FLP was widely publicized through social networking websites such as Facebook, and word of mouth.

November 9 was chosen for Pakistanis anywhere in the world to wear green and get together as a symbol of unity of the Pakistani nation. ‘Dhaani’ is Urdu for green, explained member FLP Anthony Permal, the brain behind the Dhani movement.

FLP organized meetings for Pakistanis to get together in Sharjah, Manchester, London, Toronto, New York, Washington DC, as well as Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

The Future Leaders of Pakistan (FLP) is a non-profit youth leadership organisation committed to Pakistan’s development. It provides the youth with leadership opportunities through mentoring, networking, entrepreneurship, project management and advocacy.

“While our members, ranging from 18-35 year olds, come from diverse ethnic, political, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds, they put aside their differences and focus on activities to motivate and unite the youth to do something for Pakistan”, states the FLP website.

FLP started its activities in 1998 by a group of young students in Lahore that wanted to do something about the problems facing their society. In 2003, FLP was formally registered as an NGO under the Societies Act of 1860.
Today, the organization has national and international chapters with over two hundred active members and thousands of ‘friends’ who help out in its various activities and causes. Parliament watch, Dialogue on Leadership, FLP voices, Leadership Mentoring Program, Human Rights Committee, and the FLP Entrepreneurs club are the core activities of the FLP.

The UK Youth Parliament and British Telecom recognised FLP as “Example of Excellence” in the Seen & Heard Awards 2008 for their projects Parliament Watch and Dialogue on Leadership (DOL). Those interested in joining FLP’s future activities can visit their website

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